Thanks to the tutorial you'll learn how to easily create your first round of golf on a selected golf field !

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Step 1

To start your adventure with GolfArena and create your first round fill in the register form and create your account.

Step 2

A welcome email will be sent to the address provided - it contains a activation link. After clicking it your account will be ready to go and you'll be able to log in. After that you'll have complete access to the portal and the features it gives!

Step 3

Now you can start your first round of golf!

Przejdź do zakładki „Arena” > wybierz typ rozgrywki, który Cię interesuje > „Nowy Mecz”.

Wybierz kiedy ma się odbyć runda i zaproś znajomych by dołączyli do danej rozgrywki lub poczekaj na zgłoszenie innych zawodników. Spotkajcie się na polu golfowym i rozegrajcie rundę.

Step 4

After the round is complete remember to fill in the scores! The match owner fills in all the players scores, which they in turn need to accept. After the points are earned remember to track how well you're doing in the rankings!

Your first golf round

If you went trough our tutorial then it's time to create an account and start your golf adventure!